Aerosol Additives for Dry Film
Product Name Description TDS
BONDERITE S-FN 309 - PTFE Request Form
BONDERITE L-GP 2404 (Grafit) High quality lubricant additive consisting of superfine graphite in mineral spirits. It is particularly successful as a penetrant and forms a solidlubricating film over the entire surface as the carrier vaporizes. Low residue formation when diluted with quality diluent. Request Form
BONDERITE® L-GP 154 - Grafit Assembly/anti-seize, engine components, machinery components, static bleed, opaque coating, impregnation of fibers and paper, general lubrication on all ubstrates. Request Form
BONDERITE® L-GP M 210 - MoS2 Assembly/anti-seize, engine components and ‘break-in’,machinery components, automotive and industrial gaskets,opaque coating, general lubrication, extreme pressure and wear applications, electrically insulative. Request Form
BONDERITE S-AD 1720 - BN Release coatings, penetrating and dry film lubricants, chain/conveyor lubrication, general machinery and component lubrication, extreme high and low temperature resistance,chemical processing equipment, electrically insulative coatings Request Form
BONDERITE S-AD 2020 - CERFLON Request Form
BONDERITE L-GP 325EF Bonderite L-GP 325 EF is a fast-drying, resin-bonded, PTFE based, dry film lubricant capable of coating wood, metal, rubber, plastic and glass substrates. Request Form
BONDERITE L-GP 4293 AE Bonderite L-GP T-A is a graphite based mould pre-treatment which eliminates the need of extra swabbing during the start-up of new or reconditioned equipment. Request Form
BONDERITE L-GP 5615 Provides a dry film coating which offers superior lubrication and excellent electrical capabilities Request Form
BONDERITE L-GP 580 BONDERITE L-GP 580 ACHESON is a colloidal dispersion of specially processed micro-graphite in ethyl alcohol. It is used for the formation of dry lubricating films and electrically conducting coatings. It is also employed as an anti-seize material on screw threads. Request Form
BONDERITE L-GP BN 4479 BONDERITE L-GP BN 4479 FA ACHESON is a colloidal dispersion of crystalline boron nitride in a solvent based media. Request Form
BONDERITE L-GP D 85 BONDERITE L-GP D 85 TER A ACHESON is a high temperature and wear resistant coating. Request Form
BONDERITE L-GP D31A BONDERITE® L-GP D31A is a graphite-based aerosol lubricant. Based on pure and low-friction lamellar graphite, the product provides heat-resistant and lubricating coatings at temperatures up to +1832 °F (+1000 °C) and beyond. Request Form
BONDERITE L-GP GP 1904 EU BONDERITE® L-GP GP 1904 EU is a graphite co-dispersion lubricant of fluorocarbon resin and carbon in a resin thermosetting binder, designed to be applied by spray. It produces a low friction coating free of stick-slip characteristics. Request Form
BONDERITE L-GP M 426 Solvent-based dry-film lubricant for moving parts subject to high-load conditions. Should be heat-cured. Request Form
BONDERITE L-GP M TA-402 BONDERITE® L-GP M TA 402 is a one-component resin bonded dry film lubricant based on molybdenum disulphide. It naturally performs superbly under extreme pressure and has also been designed to give good abrasion resistance. Request Form
BONDERITE L-GP T A COMP The mixture of Bonderite L-GP T A COMP ACHESON and Bonderite S-OT 310B ACHESON is providing a smooth low friction coating when properly applied. Request Form
BONDERITE S-FN M254N BONDERITE S-FN M 254 N ACHESON is one of a series of Henkel resin-bonded lubricant coatings designed to provide dry film lubrication in a variety of industrial, consumer, and military applications. BONDERITE S-FN M 254 N ACHESON is a synergistic combination of MoS2 and other lubricants dispersed in an epoxy / phenolic resin solution. Request Form